Attention ALL Jazz Con Class listeners and ALL Jazz Fans, I have created another playlist. This one is different from the others in a couple of ways. The official name of this brand new playlist is the “TWO from ONE Jam Session.” The numbers in the name mean a whole lot because they represent HOW the listeners will hear the broadcast. I will play TWO Songs From ONE recording and back to back. So you will clearly hear two particular Jazz tunes from One specific recording (Album) and consecutive. This playlist will be for TWO hours, will feature about 7 to 10 Jazz Recordings. The “TWO for ONE Jam Session” will play on ANY Day and at ANY Time during the week, I hope you are tuned in when it randomly plays. The listeners of course, will know when its playing, I will be interrupting at the beginning, in the middle and the end of each presentation. I feel this playlist will be successful in an educational aspect, there are so many Great Jazz albums that many of the listeners here have never heard of or simply overlooked. Discovering these albums will only further enrich our love of Jazz. Thank you for listening and ENJOY!