Welcome to the Jazz in Silhouette Show Page! This here is a collection of all the Jazz shows that have broadcasted on Jazz Con Class Radio and were specifically tailored made by Agustin Riestra. Each show is very unique from the other in many ways but will also contain a certain feel to it, let’s say, a certain theme. Agustin’s spectrum of Jazz music has a very wide range, so you will also hear an array of Jazz tunes from all the eras in his broadcast, all the shows are very unique from each other! Agustin also devotes more than sufficient time crafting each show with valuable detailed information on the extraordinary Jazz musicians who are performing these tunes. He provides the listeners with great insights on their recordings with important facts. Augustin Riestra is a freelance journalist and has a very popular following on his musical page located on Facebook. You will have a very enjoyable and rewarding experience listening to Agustin’s “Jazz in Silhouette” shows. The Jazz in Silhouette Show Page serves two purposes, one is the discovery and the other is the archival presence. The Jazz Con Class Radio listeners will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the creator of these unique Jazz presentations, Agustin Riesta and will also have the opportunity to hear all of his shows after they had aired live. Each and every show will be available “on-air” for no more than two weeks or so and then transferred over here to this page. As of right now the “Jazz in Silhouette” Jazz Shows will be broadcasting on (All New York Times):

Monday:  8 P.M. to 10 P.M.

Tuesday: 3 P.M. to 5 P.M.

Thursday: 8 P.M. to 10 P.M.

Friday: 3 P.M. to 5 P.M.

Sunday:10 P.M. to 12 Midnight.

Here’s the list of all the shows with a short introduction, ENJOY!

Show No. 1 – Debut – “Soul Station”: The debut of Argentinian journalist Agustin Riestra! A very broad selection of music with special emphasis on Hank Mobley. That’s not all, there will be many other artists and Jazz genres covered as well, ENJOY!


Show No. 2 – “It’s Time”: This show will feature much more on Hard Bop as Jackie McLean’s “Its Time” album is dissected for you. Many other interesting discoveries are waiting for the listeners on this one, like always, it never gets boring! Have Fun!


Show No. 3 – “BA Jazz”: One can’t escape their past, the roots are always present, as this show will touch on the influence of Jazz in very distant countries around the world. For example, Jorge Lopez Ruiz and his “1961” album “BA Jazz” will be featured! Of course, there will be a host of classic American Jazz musicians on the show as well. Watch out for some interesting Avant Garde stuff!


Show No. 4 – “Ole Coltrane”(Now Playing): This presentation has many interesting things for the listeners. The Bird will be there and so will one of the greatest African-American poets. Many exciting tunes. John Coltrane’s “Ole’ Coltrane” will be featured. ENJOY!


Show No.5 – “E.S.P”: On this show, Agustin will focus on Miles Davis’ “E.S.P” recording and reflect on an interview he had with Ron Carter, the bass player himself. That’s just part of this two-hour presentation, so check it out!


Show No. 6 – “Salah Ragab and the Cairo Jazz Band”: On this show, we will embark on a trip to Egypt in search of Salah Ragab and the Cairo Jazz band. I will also cover Jazz from Africa and of course more Jazz from America as well.


Show No. 7- “Night Cap”: I owe it to the audience to feature some Jazz from the country of France. So the album “Night Cap” from Michel Sardaby will be honored on this show. there will be other countries highlighted as well. A lot of surprises in store!


Show No. 8 – “Straight Ahead”: Sometimes we have artists that perform together and create a magic sound. In this case, it’s Eric Dolphy along with Oliver Nelson. This show will feature the “Straight Ahead” album and of course will have much more!


Show No. 9 – “Unity “: Yet another journey with Agustin as he explores an incredible recording by Larry Young and a great variety of other Jazz musicians, Enjoy!


Show No. 10 – “Open Sesame”: This show will be exploring Freddie Hubbard’s debut album “Open Sesame.” There will be as always, a very eclectic selection of music to compromise this exquisite Blue Note recording. ENJOY!


Show No. 11 – “Night Dreamer”: Special Dedication Show for my Uncle!


Show No. 12 – “Fuchsia Swing Song: For this show, Agustin decided to feature Sam Rivers’ exquisite 1964 debut recording “Fuchsia Swing Song,ENJOY!


Show No. 13 – “True Blue”: Agustin will be concentrating on Tina Brooks’ historical 1960 Jazz recording. He will mix a special selection of Jazz tunes, as always, and create an incredibly diverse Jazz show for you to enjoy!


Show No. 14 – “Blowing From Chicago”: Agustin will feature this great 1957 recording by Clifford Jordan and John Gilmore, as they are joined by Art Blakey on drums, Curley Russell on bass, and Horace Silver on piano.


Show No. 15 – “The Clown”: I’m glad that this is my 15th Jazz in Silhouette Show! On this show, we will explore the realms of Charles Mingus as I feature his 1957 gem “The Clown.” ENJOY!


Show No. 16  “The Sidewinder”: Agustin features one of his truly favorite albums ever. “The Sidewinder” was life-changing to him and one of Lee Morgan’s most “publically” known. Agustin will touch on this classic recording on and off throughout the whole show and will also explore a french piano master, enjoy!


Show No. 17 “The Individualism of Gil Evans”: In this episode, Agustin will feature Gil Evan’s 1964 Verve lease “The Individualism of Gil Evans” and much, much more!


Show No. 18 – “Lanquidity”: Agustin will be concentrating of Sun Ra’s 1978 Classic recording and of course, he will ave more great Jazz in store for you, ENJOY!


Show No. 19- “Idle Moments”: On this show Agustin will be featuring Bobby Hutcherson’s incredible recording “Idle Moments” and as always, exploring the Jazz spectrum, ENJOY!


Show No. 20 – “Shape of Jazz to Come”:


Show No. 21 – (Special Tribute to  Chic Corea and More):


Show No. 22 (To Be Announced)-

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"As a college English and Fine Arts professor, I have spent many long days and nights grading and writing papers with your station as my soundtrack. I can't thank you enough for the perfect score for such work, which I've been leaning on for the last four years. I've always been obsessed with jazz, but like many fans, I'm selective and looking to avoid the obvious. Jazz Con Class hits all the right notes, and while I love to hear my favorites (Bird, Trane, Monk, Morgan, Hubbard, Blakey), the variety of deep cuts is what brings me back. Thank you for the thoughtful intent and love for this music that shines through in every playlist."

- Ryan-Austin, Texas (USA)

"I just downloaded this app and it's my first (certainly of many!) evenings with you. The music is great but so is the philosophy of why you created this space and the visual and functional appearance of the space.
Congratulations, I don't think I will ever become tired of visiting you!"

- Reinhold (Austria/Switzerland)

"We are very lucky to have Jose and his dedication to play the best of
America's finest and original music. Here's hoping that this obvious
labor of love continues for a very long time. A huge thank you is in

Yours in Jazz
Larry Alexander
San Diego Jazz Meetup Organizer

- Larry- San Diego, California (USA)

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