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The “Avant-Garde” Playlist


Avant-Garde: A narrowed down and strictly Avant Garde Jazz Playlist. There are different names given to this era and/or one could even say that its too general because of the different variations of Jazz that exists. It takes place and runs from the very late 50′s to the very early 70′s. It has also been described as as “Free Jazz” but many say and consider both to be different styles, there are many differences. There is much controversy and there were other names given to this era and partly because of the Civil Rights Movement. This playlist will also feature Post-Bop Jazz which sprung up with the recording of Miles Davis’ album “Miles Smiles.” Again this can be categorized as Avant-Garde or maybe Avant-Garde is all of these together? either way Post-Bop has its own delivery and can be separated. I put all together and the playlist grows bigger every day!  Here’s a link that can help you further understand the complexity of this Jazz era. It can get confusing but it’s great music, ENJOY!

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