This is my official 1st podcast and it deals with Bebop. It is also an example of how (the length) all my podcasts will be, just a little taste of Jazz Con Class Radio. There are many Jazz fanatics out there, young and old, who just are not familiar with Jazz Con Class Radio and this might entice them enough to take a listen. BUT there are many who simply have no choice and that’s one of the main reasons why Jazz Con Class Radio exists. I chose my first podcast to feature Bebop and for a good reason. I found through email exchanges that the younger crowd, here in America and around the world tend to pickup on Bebop faster, I don’t know exactly why but they love it! I found that it is a great starting point and further helps build their interest level to love it even more. I hope it will for you, ENJOY! 

Here’s my Podcast link on this website. You can also check it out on my Jazz Con Class Radio on the  iTunes Podcast page and/or the Google Play Podcast Portal.

Jazz Con Class Radio Podcasts
Jazz Con Class Radio Podcasts
A Bebop Teaser

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