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The “Super Tuesday Jazz Presentation”


The listeners of Jazz Con Class Radio already know that on every Tuesday I present a special combination of Jazz tunes that I feel everyone will enjoy. Its a sort of trap for those Jazz enthusiasts that are hunting around for some rare stuff! You don’t need to look any further on the internet or anywhere else. You found it, enjoy Jazz Con Class Radio! The “Super Tuesday Jazz Presentation” lasts at least three hours in total and plays three times (its repeats) during the day so that it could be heard in all parts of the globe. That’s from 3AM to 6AM, from 12PM to 3PM and from 8PM to 11PM (All Times are New York EDT) each and every Tuesday. I welcome anyone who would be interested in preparing their own three-hour Jazz presentation. I will be more than happy to placed here it here.

NOTE: Again, if you can put together a three hours of Classic/Traditional Jazz together, please let me know on the feedback link. Thank you and ENJOY!

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