Jazz Con Class Radio runs on predetermined playlists that I have full control of. It is up to me (MY JOB) to make sure the quality of the music is consistent enough to match the listeners taste. For that reason I have created several playlist and am constantly building new ones. Here are the ones I have to offer for now and with a small description on each. I have a very large “personal” collection of jazz music and always buying more, so it never gets repetitious:



The Specialty Playlist: This playlist will feature special collaborations between jazz greats. This occurred quite a bit in the jazz world and where musicians from an earlier era met up with the young upcoming jazz musicians from the newest movement. There were many special collaborations recorded in a studio setting or “Live” on stage, in a special event or in a jazz festival. This playlist is loaded with great performances and is always growing. There will also be live recordings from establish bands and with no special collaborations.




The “Saturday Jazz Show” will be airing each and every Saturday and runs for 5 consecutive hours. That’s from 1P.M. to 6P.M. for now but is subject to change in two different ways. The starting time could change and depending on the demand, could be added to an additional time slot (will repeat) during the day. This will benefit those who miss part of it or simply missed it completely. This playlist will change every week so the Jazz Con Class Radio listeners can enjoy a fresh playlist all the times and never get bored, ENJOY!




The listeners of Jazz Con Class Radio already know that on every Tuesday I present a special combination of Jazz tunes that I feel everyone will enjoy. Its a sort of trap for those jazz explorers out who are hunting around on the internet and looking for a jazz radio station, here it is, come and get some Jazz Con Class Radio! The “Super Tuesday Jazz Presentation” lasts at least three hours in total and plays three times (its repeated) during the day so that it could be heard in all parts of the globe. That’s from 3AM to 6AM, from 11AM to 2PM and from 7PM to 10PM (All Times are New York EDT) each and every tuesday. I welcome anyone interested in having their own three-hour Jazz presentation placed here on Jazz Con Class. If you can put together at least three hours of Classic/Traditional jazz together, please let me know on the feedback link and we will work it out together. Thank you and ENJOY!




Avant-Garde: A narrowed down and strictly Avant Garde Jazz Playlist. There are different names given to this era and/or one could even say that its too general because of the different variations of Jazz that exists. It takes place and runs from the very late 50′s to the very early 70′s. It has also been described as as “Free Jazz” but many say and consider both to be different styles, there are many differences. There is much controversy and there were other names given to this era and partly because of the Civil Rights Movement. This playlist will also feature Post-Bop Jazz which sprung up with the recording of Miles Davis’ album “Miles Smiles.” Again this can be categorized as Avant-Garde or maybe Avant-Garde is all of these together? either way Post-Bop has its own delivery and can be separated. I put all together and the playlist grows bigger every day!  Here’s a link that can help you further understand the complexity of this Jazz era. It can get confusing but it’s great music, ENJOY!




The “Free Jazz” Playlist: Free jazz is an approach to jazz music that was first developed in the late 1950s and 1960s. Though the music produced by free jazz composers varied widely, the common feature was a dissatisfaction with the limitations of bebop, hard bop, and modal jazz, which had developed in the 1940s and 1950s. Each in their own way, free jazz musicians attempted to alter, extend, or break down the conventions of jazz. It is very important to include this playlist, although to many musicians, this form of unconventional over-improvising seemed to sound more like a self-indulgent experimental style of playing. The goal of these very talented musicians was to return jazz to its “primitive” and/or religious roots.




The Jazz Funk Playlist: This playlist is not so big because it covers the very end of the 60′s and the very beginning of the 70′s and where it was suddenly interrupted by Jazz Fusion. This is considered to be a another jazz era and where almost all the instruments used were electric. The jazz musicians had to keep up with the ever growing “Hard Rock” British invasion. It worked out pretty well and many hard bop artists were able to find a second life. This jazz funk era had a different sound but its blues roots were never lost because of its funkiness.




The “Piano Alone” PlaylistThe “Piano Alone” Playlist will consist of as many Jazz pianist solos available and that I can personally find. It will not have all the best Jazz pianists because not all of them have piano solo songs but I have plenty of piano songs from many greats here. And enough to create a playlist that I could play comfortably twice a day.




Hard Bop Playlist: This playlist is by far, the largest in the enormous Jazz Con Class Library! It’s the most creative and where their was the largest concentration of legendary Jazz musicians playing at the same time. I could just make a Jazz station solely on Hard Bop and play it 24/7 with nobody ever getting bored with it. There are tons of great Hard Bop music out there and I am discovering new ones everyday. I purchase it and place it immediately on Jazz Con Class Radio so I could share it with the rest of the world. ENJOY!!




Big Band Playlist: Here I will place all the best that I have and can get of BIG sounding bands. Duke Ellington will probably dominate here but I will try to give him a fair fight. Let’s not forget Dizzy and Coleman Hawkins and many, many others created their own Big Bands at one time or another. This playlists includes Cuban big bands and Dixieland Jazz also. Plenty to hear, you’re going to love it!




The Cuban Sandwich: Here I will play pure Cuban Music that was intertwined with Jazz like Cubop and/or Afro-Cuban Jazz, great stuff!




The Singers Block: This playlist consists of all the great Jazz singers throughout the years. Tony Bennett, Dinah Washington, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and many, many more!




The Bossa Nova Playlist: Here I will have the best Bossa Nova I can get my hands on and Brazilian Jazz. There are many great musicians in Brazil and their lively music cannot be abandoned, so I am dedicating space for it.




“Classy Jazz”: This playlist is the Jazz Con Class Radio version of  that so-called “Smooth” Jazz advertized around everywhere. This is “Real” Jazz from the best Jazz musicians ever. No, its not that phony, lifeless, repetitious sounding crap which they placed the genre “Smooth Jazz” to. Its so disgraceful how non-talented musicians have taken advantage of Jazz with this non emotional, heartless music and then placed the word Jazz behind it. It’s actually a CRIME to label it as Jazz! Here on Jazz Con Class Radio the listeners will only hear the real thing, ENJOY!

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