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  1. Wonderful radio station and amazing music programmation. I love jazz and appreciate the tradiction style of jazz: Coltrane, Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck, Miles Daves, Stan Getz, Sarah Vaugahn, Ella, Joe Hederson etc. I follow you from Recife um Brasil and listen via internet Radio Garden. Thank You! And have a good New Year!

  2. Hey Sriram (May 11 response, how are you doing and sorry for the long delay? That tune you’re speaking about is “Serves You Right” from a very unique 1958 Cannonball album that featured Milt Jackson, “Things Are Getting Better.” Great album to own, I will fix the meta data it’s very confusing, sorry and enjoy!

  3. Hi,
    I’m in England and have just found your station on my Roberts internet radio and what a revelation, all the jazz greats that I love. Not only a beautiful playlist but broadcast at a 320 bit rate wow!! that’s up there with the bbc. So few internet stations broadcast at such quality. Keep up the good work and I will keep listening.

  4. Thank you Sriram for listening, it makes me feel very happy to know that Jazz Con Class Radio is reaching Jazz Aficionados in all corners of the world. Make sure though, to spread the love of Jazz further out to others and don’t just keep it to yourself, we all need to know the beauty it brings and that will certainly keep it alive, ENJOY!

    1. Will do, of course! Meanwhile, could you possibly give a little more information about “O3 – serves me right’, the piece that was playing just a few minutes ago? Thanks, Sriram

  5. Thanks for your comment Jonathan and thanks for your support. As you probably know already, I emailed you back and mentioned how I, every so often, combine movie soundtracks onto the playlists, (usually on Saturdays) it gives it a nostalgic effect. Thanks again and enjoy, Jose

  6. I’m from England and recently discovered your station – perfect for a Wayne Shorter, Miles and Herbie Hancock fan like me. But to my astonishment, I turned the station on at 7 in the morning this Saturday (2 in the morning for you) to discover you were playing Gerry Goldsmith’s soundtrack to the movie ‘Chinatown’ – my favourite movie soundtrack of all-time. Thank you for getting my weekend off to a perfect start. I’ll definitely be signing up for the year!

  7. Now is the early John Coltrane playing (On a misty night). I love it but not so much the way he evolved eventually.

    1. Coolness, thanks! The one I heard was primarily a solo clarinet piece throughout. It was a very relaxed and commanding artist, a moderate pace.

        1. I agree. His deep sound is fantastic and matchless. I only miss a more elaborate, complex phrasing.

  8. Do you have a historical playlist / playlist history?

    I couldn’t get on your site this morning (Thanksgiving/ Thursday 11/27/13, about 10:35 am Pacific Time) to get the song info. But I was listening via radiotuna.com. There was a live version of Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (I think) by a live clarinetist (I think) that I would really like to find again.

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