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  1. Do you have a historical playlist / playlist history?

    I couldn’t get on your site this morning (Thanksgiving/ Thursday 11/27/13, about 10:35 am Pacific Time) to get the song info. But I was listening via radiotuna.com. There was a live version of Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (I think) by a live clarinetist (I think) that I would really like to find again.

    1. Coolness, thanks! The one I heard was primarily a solo clarinet piece throughout. It was a very relaxed and commanding artist, a moderate pace.

        1. I agree. His deep sound is fantastic and matchless. I only miss a more elaborate, complex phrasing.

  2. Now is the early John Coltrane playing (On a misty night). I love it but not so much the way he evolved eventually.

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