Welcome to the 2022 Jazz Con Class Radio fundraiser, “Power To The People.” Since 2020 our “normal” way of life has been severely disrupted but has certainly not been defeated. Last year I pointed out that there was a glimmering light ahead of us and it can be seen as we are cautiously reaching the end of “a tunnel.” Although it is considered an absolutely positive move forward towards a healthier life in the future years, the number of Covid 19 related deaths in just a one-year span has been devastating. Somehow, we “The People” are not aware that there has been a 100% increase in death so we now have reached an astronomical 6.13 MILLION in total around the world. There’s plenty of work for us to do in order to be satisfied with our future as a whole. As I mentioned last year and will repeat again, “All the “political rhetoric, all the “stereotyping,” all the“categorizing,” all the “disrespect” and even worse, all the “selfishness,” will absolutely never stop this virus from spreading. Yes, fellow Jazz Con Class Radio listeners, it will take the “power” of the people to make life more worth living for the future of us all. Unfortunately, the “people” will never generate any sort of “power” by not working together as one and with a common goal. One in which we “all” will benefit and for the good of mankind! Any goal is possible, big or small but it will take all involved (a big or small group), working “in unison” to make it work. For those who are not familiar with the yearly fundraisers, they exist for two reasons. First of all, it’s to keep commercials from interfering with the Jazz Con Class Radio broadcast, and secondly, to keep Jazz alive for future generations. This year is no different from any other before because like this virus that has overwhelmed our lives, the “financial” pressure to broadcast without any commercials is always overshadowing and threatening the station. There’s a mutual understanding as evident in all the correspondences I’ve had with the listeners throughout the years, that they truly love Jazz and are very grateful for not having any commercial interruptions. Jazz Con Class Radio only plays “specific” high-quality music 24/7 with absolutely no strings attached! This year’s campaign will run like the previous ones and will end on December 31st, 2022. BUT could suddenly stop if the goal is met beforehand. Yes, once the goal is reached, the fundraiser will finish! Again, I will not go on with all the expenses that must be met for a “legitimate” internet radio station to remain broadcasting, we all know they never drop. PLEASE give POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

80.60% Raised
$4,030.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal
40 Donors
Campaign has ended

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  1. I am currently in Thailand and I would like to make a donation. As the payment instructions are in Thai and not in English I am unable to proceed, unfortunately.

    1. Hello Ferdinand and sorry for the late response. I will email you right away with a link that will work in Thailand. Thank you for the support!

  2. Love the station so much and all your selections. I listen a lot late night when I am working at my computer or writing my screenplays. I’ve been a massive jazz fan since my older brother played me Coltrane for the very first time on a vinyl record when I was about 15 visiting him in Denton, Texas while he was attending college at North Texas State University. This was back in 1994. We are loyally listening out here, from our many travels and moves over the years stretching from Texas, to Colorado, to Santa Fe, and to Los Angeles where I am currently living most of the year. Thanks for all the good vibes and amazing jazz tracks, many of which are very rare and unique finds. You definitely have similar tastes as my brother and I, and we are with ya in spirit as you help “keep jazz alive”!

    1. Thank you, BB for the kind words, and sorry for the late response here. I appreciate your support throughout the years and why the station is still broadcasting as it enters its 11th Year.

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