Welcome to the 2019 Jazz Con Class Radio fundraiser, “Keep Independence Alive.” The sole purpose of this year’s fundraiser is exactly the same as the previous ones I created before, to continue broadcasting Jazz Con Class Radio without any advertising at all! This year’s campaign will run until December 31th but could suddenly be done with if the goal is met beforehand. Yes, once the goal is reached, the fundraiser will finish! Hopefully the amount I’m asking for this year will not change for upcoming years. The broadcasting fees (Copyrights fees) have increased this year but in a positive manner because its due to added interest of the Jazz Con Class Radio broadcast. I want to thank all the Jazz Con Class Radio listeners for spreading the word, the listenership has increased about 20% from last years totals. I have received many emails from worldwide listeners expressing their appreciation towards the type of Jazz that plays on the station, especially the variety of rare Jazz tunes that they apparently never heard of, I guess because of the limited time they were allowed on ad based stations. Most interestingly they all specifically point out and praise the freedom of commercialism, they love that aspect of Jazz Con Class Radio. This seems to be very important as you all probably agree, nobody wants to hear a string of interruptions concerning products they are not interested in, it literally damages the flow of concentration. A true Jazz listener cannot be interrupted in this manner, it totally destroys the escape created by the very special musicians who place us there. Jazz musicians are a rare breed of individuals, they practice endlessly to reach the ultimate level of quality, every note they play is to perfection! They create an uncompromising atmosphere for the listener to enter and immerse themselves, nobody should be allowed to disrupt it with useless paid advertisements. Just as important, we cannot exclude these so-called “Public” Jazz radio stations who steal so much valuable time by disrupting the flow of music with their hourly news reports and endless hours of collecting money for profit. Furthermore, they are now damaging the future of Jazz is how these radio stations are now depriving and abandoning the younger generation by intentionally veering them away from listening to classic/traditional Jazz and criminally replacing it with “Smooth Jazz.” I truly feel sorry for all these knowledgeable and talented Jazz DJ’s who are now being forced to play Smooth Jazz songs against their intentions when they have so much “Real” Jazz to offer, what a crying shame! Let’s KEEP Jazz Con Class Radio totally FREE AND INDEPENDENT from COMMERCIALISM!!! Learn how you can give to this year’s “KEEP INDEPENDENCE ALIVE” Fundraiser.

98.60% Raised
$1,972.00 donated of $2,000.00 goal
30 Donors
Campaign has ended

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