Welcome to this year’s fundraiser from yours truly Jazz Con Class Radio. The official name I picked is the “Free Wheelin’” 2023 Fundraiser and which you probably already guessed, is the name of a well known Jazz tune composed by Lee Morgan and on Joe Henderson’s classic 1966 recording “Mode To Joe.” If you are not aware already, the main purpose of the fundraiser is to keep ads and commercials from interfering with the Jazz Con Class Radio broadcast and of course, help alleviate the exhausting financial challenge that is always looming overhead. Not easy but sure worth it for me, as I have somehow kept Classic/Traditional Jazz alive for 11 years now. Most importantly, with the listeners donations have maintained it “on the air” 24 hours/7 days a week on a clear global audio online platform, broadcasting for “all/anyone” to listen. I feel satisfied with my efforts up to now (will need to improve more) and I feel like I have been successful in recruiting as there are many listeners tuning in from around the world. That’s very self satisfying for me and anyone else in the same situation, but “nothing” would happen if the station had no listeners, that’s for sure. Yes, “the word” would never spread and all these musical masterpieces would never reach the ears of anyone. AS I mentioned before, Jazz Con Class Radio is on its 11th year and thanks to the listeners patience and their grateful financial support throughout the years. All your very kind and “loyal” support has rewarded me with more opportunity to reach out further and gather up more incredible Jazz tunes so all the “Jazz Aficionados” that listen could fully take advantage of the gift of Jazz. The job could become very demanding at times, as I need to constantly be updating the broadcast and maintaining the website as well. There are always new playlists to construct and many to renovate, in order to enhance the listening experience. I’m sure many of the listeners know already that I have the “freedom” to change and edit the broadcast “on the fly” and in real-time. This is a very healthy advantage “for us all” to have and only further improves our listening experience. The donations throughout the years have made it possible for the station to grow and most importantly, to help compensate for the additional/new listeners, which directly increases all the corresponding fees that go with it. A true Jazz music radio station could only be fully appreciated if there are absolutely no interruptions from ads and commercials. Jazz Con Class Radio cannot function successfully without the donations from the listeners, this is crucial for its survival. This year’s campaign, the “Free Wheelin‘” 2023 fundraiser will run exactly like the previous ones and will end as soon as the goal is met. So it could end suddenly anytime before December 31st. Again, I will not go on with all the expenses that must be met for a “legitimate” internet radio station to remain broadcasting, we all know these expenses never drop. PLEASE give whatever you can to the 2023 “Free Wheelin’” Fundraiser, and in turn help Jazz Con Class Radio keep broadcasting. Thank YOU for your attention and if you have any problems with the donation process, just go the Feedback link and leave me a message.

64.17% Raised
$3,850.00 donated of $6,000.00 goal
41 Donors
Campaign has ended

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