Welcome to the 2020 Jazz Con Class Radio fundraiser, “Let Independence Ring.” I hope you are "all" alright and safe of this relentless virus that has attacked everyone around the world. For those who are not aware, the reason for these annual fundraisers is to aid Jazz Con Class Radio so it could continue to broadcast with absolutely no commercials or ads. That's why the word "Independence" is always included in all the yearly fundraisers. This year is no different from any other before because like this virus that has overwhelmed our lives, the pressure to broadcast without any "commercialism" is always overshadowing and threatening the station. We all know very well from all the correspondence the listeners have sent throughout the years, they love the music and are very grateful for its FREEDOM of any commercial interruptions. Jazz Con Class Radio only plays "specific" high-quality music 24/7 with absolutely no strings attached! There's absolutely no interrupting the broadcast in any stealthy manner, as you probably already have experienced with other stations. We know the tactics these Jazz stations take, how they are constantly mentioning and bragging how they are "commercial-free" and at the same time are constantly interrupting the broadcast with local and international news on an hourly basis. Not to mention, the occasional credit to all their sponsors which include the listener themselves, of course. It's counter-productive, outright annoying and disgraceful to have one to two-week long fund drives (In the middle of broadcasting) to support the station, while the ones who are actually supporting it are forced to listen. It's not fair to all the listeners, every one of them, supporters or not. We all know exactly what is going on and after a while, we all get sick of it. As mentioned before on the previous fundraisers, a true Jazz listener cannot be interrupted at all, it totally destroys the escape created by the very special musicians who place them there. Jazz musicians are a rare breed of individuals, they practice endlessly to reach the ultimate level of quality, every note they play is to perfection! They create an uncompromising atmosphere for the listener to enter and immerse themselves, nobody should be allowed to disrupt it with useless ads and advertisements. This year’s campaign will run until December 31th but could suddenly be done with if the goal is met beforehand. Yes, once the goal is reached, the fundraiser will finish! I will not go on with all the expenses that must be met for a "legitimate" internet radio station to remain broadcasting because we all know they never go down. I will mention one thing though, you will have an almost impossible time finding a Jazz station that plays the same type of Jazz you hear on Jazz Con Class Radio and by no means, am I bragging. Jazz Con Class Radio has been alive and FREE of any commercialism for almost 10 years now and it's all because of the incredible LOYAL support from its Connoisseur Jazz Aficionados! I know times are rough and tough out there, so just PLEASE give what you can. LET INDEPENDENCE RING!!!
100.50% Raised
$2,010.00 donated of $2,000.00 goal
34 Donors
Campaign has ended

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  1. Jose,

    Hey there again. I have continued to listen (pretty obsessively) to JazzConClass radio this year, and I must tell you it continues to be my all-time favorite. The jazz you guys are putting out has been such a great source of solace during this trying, crazy pandemic era. I so appreciate what you do, and I’ve enjoyed the new shows with Larry, as well.

    I’m reaching out because I have tried multiple times to donate to the 2020 fundraiser over the past couple of weeks, and every time I enter my credit card info and click “submit,” I get an error message, and my donation does not go through.

    I would love to donate again this year. Can you give me any advice on how to proceed? If it’s all the same, I could also send you a check in the mail if you can provide the address and name to write the check to.


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