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Welcome Jazz enthusiasts to Jazz Con Class Radio! My name is Jose Reyes and I am your official host. Hosting a music station has its responsibilities in order for it to be successful. For starters, the host needs to have a quality stream of music and cannot be interrupted in any way. I am proud to say that on Jazz Con Class the music flows out with the highest quality and hardly ever interrupted. There have been times when a technical issue has stopped the flow but this is always anticipated and with music streaming 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the possibility of some type of interruption is inevitable.  This has happened already but only several times and were very short. Next in line, the host needs to maintain an easy to navigate website/blog, so the Jazz Con Class Radio listeners and/or non-listeners could have the best experience possible when visiting. This is very important of course, so to comply I’m always adding new worthwhile/helpful links, writing new post every two to three days and updating the schedule link on a weekly basis. Having an informative, clear and up-to-date website is very important but since it represents an online Jazz music station, the music itself must be high priority. First and foremost, the amount of music and the quality of it must be established. I’ve been collecting traditional/classic Jazz for more than a decade and for this reason the Jazz Con Class will never get bored, my library is substantial. It must be when the station is outputting 24/7.



Now comes the question why? What is the purpose of Jazz Con Class Radio, why does it exist? Well, I feel that traditional/classic Jazz has been put aside and basically forgotten. I also feel that Jazz musicians in general, are unappreciated and for an obvious reason. The reason surprisingly and you will learn if you never listened to it, is that they are simply too talented, yes that’s what I said. The so-called quality of music has always been based on billboard rankings and over promoting, no matter the quality. There’s is definitely something wrong with that but this is how the music industry works and even more annoying, the quality of the musicians is not important. Let’s not forget the abandonment of improvisation. Improvisation is how musicians improve themselves further and how music eventually evolves. If you take the ability to expand, away from a musician then you are caging them and destroying their career. Jazz gives the musician the freedom to express themselves in music and gives non-musicians the ability to expand their minds further as well. Everybody wins when you listen to Jazz, it is an inspiring musical art form that everyone should be expose to.

Jazz Con Class Radio is available for all and is only one click or tap away. The listeners can be anyone from any background, any part of the world. Jazz is for the young, the old and especially for the unfamiliar but curious ones. Everyone benefits and with giving your ears the chance, it will help you cope with the obstacles of life in a more positive manner. The music on this internet radio station consists of Jazz from the very late 40’s (the end of the bebop era) to the very early 70’s (before the Jazz Fusion era).  The method I use and most logical to me, is in an organizational, formatted fashion. For me personally it really doesn’t make a difference, I could listen to all the different styles and eras of Jazz all day long. But for the purpose of education (the unaware and/or unexposed younger/older listeners) and for Jazz preference (for those that are more knowledgeable about Jazz) playlists  were created. This explains why I used the motto/phrase, “NOT just all that Jazz.” There are many types of Jazz styles that exist and the listeners might enjoy or prefer one style over another, so by seperating the Jazz styles, they would be able to tune in and listen to a particular one. Because all these classic/traditional Jazz music have different meaning to everyone, a musical format  must be established and “all” can be satisfied. Many Jazz fans like to listen to this inspiring art form in accordance to the mood they’re in and/or coordinate it into there everyday time schedule.



I’m not any different from them, I have time restraints also that prevent me from listening to this inspiring music at all times, so by making it available 24/7, everybody wins! Jazz can definitely be listen to all day long because of its quality but unfortunately most of us do not have this unique luxury. With this 24 hour availability, the broadcast is heard “Globally” and on the World Wide Web. The programing (the playlists) is organized in a manner that all the listeners, in all parts of the world, can hear the broadcast on their particular prime-time. Not easy to do but with the statistical information available to me, this task is possible and it is working very well. Jazz Con Class Radio is listened to by an average of at least 110 unique countries a month.

Improving the quality of the broadcast in accordance to the demands of the listeners, is my solemn responsibility and my number one priority. I have gladly accepted it and I feel very satisfied with the results. If the listeners are not satisfied with the service I provide, then they will simply tune out. I feel very confident though, with the way I am approaching this musical “Jazz Project” and will give it all I have to make it work in a consistent manner. If you want to ask a question and/or want to leave me message, please do on the Feedback link. Thank You and ENJOY!

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