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The “2024 Jazz Aficionado Fundraiser” is upon us!


Hello, fellow Jazz Con Class Radio listeners to this year’s “2024 Jazz Aficionado Fundraiser.” It’s April Fool’s Day and as many already know, the beginning of the yearly fundraiser. It will remain with us until the last day of the year (when it officially ends) OR will abruptly stop if the goal is met beforehand (anytime before 12/31/2024). This year will feature even more emphasis on hands-on programming. As you probably noticed by now, I am spending considerable time monitoring the broadcast and taking over in real-time with on-the-fly playlists. As I made it a goal of mine last year, I’m feverishly working on improving the experience when visiting the Jazz Con Class Radio website. It’s slowly becoming much easier to navigate here, from place to place. It’s also becoming much easier to access valuable information that I posted throughout the years concerning Jazz music. This responsibility and all other positions are the formalities when operating Jazz Con Class Radio. and are considered to be never-ending because they are constantly evolving. Yes, my fellow listeners, many crucial components carry enormous responsibilities when being the “Station Owner/ Administrator,” the “Station Programmer” and the “Webmaster” of the website. Last year’s Fundraiser, was unfortunately not a success in “financially” fulfilling the monetary goal. As for finding more “Jazz Aficionados,” it was an enormous success! The listeners are increasingly tuning in from literally all parts of the world! It is my responsibility to monitor and analyze all the numbers and graphs available to me, so I can get a better picture of the flow of listeners. With this valuable information/stats, I could make some significant changes and adjustments to further improve the listening experience. Jazz Con Class Radio has become more popular throughout the years and is a direct result of the listener’s “patient loyalty.” Please give to the “2024 Jazz Aficionado Fundraiser” so I can maintain and improve the quality of the broadcast. I not only have to satisfy the always-rising necessary costs of running an online Jazz radio station but also need to fulfill the equally demanding underlying “expenses” associated with “maintaining” the most organized radio listener platform that broadcasts high-quality Classic/Traditional Jazz music to a Jazz to a most advanced Jazz knowledgable audience 24 hours a day/7 days a week with absolutely NO Ads or Commercials. Please consider your support and “give” so I can continue for another year! Please visit the official  2024 Jazz Aficionado Fundraiser here….

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