Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes

The 2023 Free Wheelin’ Fundraiser is HERE

The 2023 Free Wheelin' Fundraiser

Hello fellow Jazz Con Class Radio listeners and welcome to this year’s 2023 Free Wheelin’ Fundraiser. It will remain with us all until the last day of the year (when it officially ends) OR will abruptly stop if the goal is met beforehand (anytime before 12/31/2023). This year will feature even more attention on better rounded programs since I will be spending more time monitoring the 24/7 broadcast. I’m sure the listeners here have noticed more attention on details with the playlists I prepare for the weekly Jazz shows and especially with the particular string of tunes I assemble “hands-on” and in a “real-time” environment. I am also concentrating more on making improvements and adjustments to better appreciate the website. It’s becoming much easier now to navigate from place to place and much easier to gain access of valuable information I have gathered throughout the years pertaining to Jazz. It’s an endless work in progress when you are the “Station Owner/ Administrator,” “Station Programmer” and the “Webmaster” of the website. As for the “pure” listeners who concentrate solely on the broadcast, last year was again a great success! The station is finding more “Jazz Aficionados” out there and from literally all parts of the world! It is my responsibility to monitor all the numbers available to me so I could get a better picture of all the changes and corrections needed to improve further. Jazz Con Class Radio has definitely become more popular on a yearly basis and 

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"JAZZ CON CLASS RADIO without question, is the very best net jazz station going. Its just BEAUTIFUL to look at all those LP's, they are works of ART. The SOUND and the ARTIST who are being played, just WONDERFUL Jose, many THOUSAND of THANK YOU'S for your LOVE of the MUSIC and creating this station with GREAT MUSIC in MINE, PEACE"

- Calvin- California (USA)

"This is a real jazz station, and I can tell the announcer is a New Yorker. I'm a former NYC resident (born and raised) in Greenwich Village where many classic jazz clubs once existed, the Village Vanguard is still there. I hope Jazz Con Class Radio remains on the air for many years to come!"

- Tony Candido-Oakland, California (USA)

Without a doubt the best jazz radio in the world. you are my favorite radio.
Music selection is the very essence of modern and classical jazz. I always listen to you every day."
Thank you very much !!!!"

- Andrea - (Italy)
Welcome fellow Jazz Aficionados to the 2023 Free Wheelin' Fundraiser! PLEASE GIVE to No Ads and No Commercials! Learn More
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