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Jose Reyes

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The Early Bird Signup and learn about Club Jazz Aficionado

It’s a NEW year and with any new year, you have changes. Not just a little change but something significant and of course something “positive.” So I decided to change and make the Jazz Con Class Radio listening stream private. With this change came the creation of “Club Jazz Aficionado,” which will consist of all the listeners. It is NOT an official membership club right now and there’s no telling if it will ever be but the status could change. I decided to make it private but at a very low charge, that’s $15 a YEAR. So my objective is to accumulate enough income with volume, in order to support and cover all the station’s expenses. I am have an “Early Bird Signup” that will begin exactly when the station goes private a little more than a month from now, on March 1, 2021. So if you would like to take advantage of the 20% discount, just go this way. Please provide me with your thoughts, just go the  feedback link here. Before you do, take a sneak peak of the “Club Jazz Aficionado” mission statement here:

Welcome to Club Jazz Aficionado, the “official” page of the Jazz Con Class Radio “private” broadcast. My name is Jose Reyes and I’m the owner/broadcaster of this Jazz station and I have been on the air for just over NINE years. From the very beginning I wanted to  run a Jazz station that played classic, traditional Jazz music 24 hours a day and 7 days a week AND with absolutely no interfering commercials or ads. As the years gone by, the worldwide/global popularity of this station has steadily increased and one of the main reasons is because of exactly that, there are no commercials and ads. The other main reasons would be the music I play here and of course, the successful support/acknowledgement from the listeners themselves. The loyalty of the Jazz Con Class Radio listeners is second to none! When I first opened the station I thought I had a reasonable collection of Jazz music and was under the impression that I just had to purchase I few more critical recordings and that would be it. Well, of course, I was completely dreaming, the Jazz Con Class Radio library has increased 3 times throughout the years and with the addition of more storage (added this year, 2021), I will have room to add quite a bit more. It is amazing how much classic traditional Jazz there is out there, you could be safe to say that it is LIMITLESS! With the addition of more storage, the rising prices of the copyrights and the extra costs resulting from non-income support from commercials and ads, I have decided to make the stream “private.” Establishing a “private” stream is the only road for Jazz Con Class Radio to take in order to continue on, there is no other way. But, as you can see below within the pricing, it will be the most effective cost method for the station to succeed and the least costly for the listeners. The whole goal behind the method of pricing here is to raise the money slowly and to do it with volume (amount of listeners). With more listeners, more is raised to pay all the expenses, so there could be more freedom and space for me to improve the broadcast even further. As you all have noticed, I have added more personnel to the broadcast (Agustin Riestra and Larry Alexander) and their help, which has been experimental so far, will only improve the broadcast in a more professional manner and take it to another level! Although charging a minimum yearly fee to access the station was not the exact path I wanted to take when I began broadcasting nine years ago, I always considered the possibility/option because I knew that expenses would undeniably increase if I wanted to be successful! Thanks for your attention and understanding, the future of Jazz Con Class Radio is now much more under your control, the listeners rule! As for my role of providing you with a satisfactory 24 hours a day/7 days a week experience, you know it and you can count on it! Time will only tell, we will all clearly see the future of Jazz Con Class Radio develop with the effectiveness behind this approach. I feel very confident that all will work out and the station will drastically improve. This move will only be strengthening and virtually extending the independence of Jazz Con Class Radio. Let’s not forget the UNIVERSAL goal behind it all and that is to keep Jazz Alive! Become a member of Club Jazz Aficionado and KEEP Jazz Con Class Radio alive as well.

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"Best Jazz Radio Station I ever heard. I play Jazz trumpet and I learn a lot from you Every day. Thank you and best wishes for you from Hamburg-Germany."

- Dietmar - (Germany)

Without a doubt the best jazz radio in the world. you are my favorite radio.
Music selection is the very essence of modern and classical jazz. I always listen to you every day."
Thank you very much !!!!"

- Andrea - (Italy)

"After searching across the web for the best jazz station, I found Jazz Con Class Radio. Hands down, the best jazz music anywhere. Why you ask? The focus on the best jazz music ever recorded, combined with the depth of artists and tracks played. I have heard so many tracks that I have never heard before, it’s mind blowing what Jazz Con Class Radio plays that other stations don’t. Mr. Reyes, your station is a national artistic treasure!"

- Steve - (USA)

2 Responses

  1. I consider myself a fan of Jazz Con Class Radio. I love Jazz and Brasilian “Bossa Nova”, my favourites styles. Oscar Peterson, Gerry Mulligan, David Brubeck are some of the best American Jazz musicians. And on the other side, Tom Jobim is the most fantastic Brazilian compositor.
    I follow this radio every night from internet, here in Recife (Brazil).
    Congratulation and thank you!

  2. Thank you Marcio, I appreciate it very much. I also feel the same about Jobim, he is one the most important music composers that ever walked this planet! I want to also say thank you to all the many Brazilian listeners of Jazz Con Class Radio!

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