Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes

Happy New Year 2021


I would like to wish ALL you “Jazz Aficionados/Connoisseurs” and Jazz Con Class Radio fans a Happy 2021 New Year from the bottom of my heart! Last year turned out to be the most productive year of them all, as I was so fortunately blessed to add two great Jazz Presenters/Hosts, Agustin Riestra and Larry Alexander, to the broadcast. Their out-of-this-world Jazz shows are highly appreciated by the listeners, as numerous positive emails continue to pour in with heavy praise on my end and theirs. This only added another layer to further entertain the Jazz Con Class Radio listeners. As for the listeners who tune in, the numbers have been rising throughout the years and have, even more, this last year (2020).  All the essential numerical graphs on the listeners further justifies an increase of tuning-in hours. I am checking-in constantly, on a daily basis as the owner/administrator and monitoring the interest level of the listeners. I also devote plenty of hours creating playlists on-the-fly, in case you haven’t noticed already. All the different techniques I have picked up on throughout the NINE years this station has been broadcasting has immensely benefited me with very useful knowledge/information so I could make decisions to help improve the station. With all that said, there’s quite a long way to go for me to be totally satisfied with the station, never-ending. I’m so happy that Jazz is appreciated around the world and not only in America where it all began. It’s shameful though, as I have repeatedly mentioned in the past, how the music industry (primarily in America) has stooped down so low and has abandoned the hard working musician. It makes one wonder how they can even call it “music” when its not played by musicians? Its incriminating as we all know very well. We are lucky though and our savior is the ease that modern technology allows us all to access all types of high quality music that is otherwise forgotten. Yes, music that is actually composed and performed by musicians and with musical instruments. As for Jazz, it is very intimate and quite difficult to spread around to others. Even though it’s not complicated first time listeners need to be educated with a sort of short historical introduction and of course with a quick explanation on the concept of “improvisation.” Some people do take longer than others to get a good grasp of it but when they do, it becomes a real revelation. In the past 20 years or so I have noticed how the younger generation has been slowly influenced away from learning and understanding the “Blues.” This is very crucial to preserve, let’s keep the Blues alive! Jazz Con Class Radio is here for everyone, young and old, broadcasting 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Jazz represents the highest musical form of expression and once you “get it,” your life will change for the better and in all aspects. Some say and I completely agree, Jazz is life, all the ups and downs, all the emotional highs and lows, its straight from the heart. Jazz is the ultimate expression of “Freedom”, get a real doze of it, listen and live! Happy New Year,  thanks you all for making it happen and  a special thanks for keeping Jazz ALIVE!

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Without a doubt the best jazz radio in the world. you are my favorite radio.
Music selection is the very essence of modern and classical jazz. I always listen to you every day."
Thank you very much !!!!"

- Andrea - (Italy)

"This is exactly the kind of radio station I've ever wished for, since I learned to love jazz music. Please keep going like this for as long as possible!"

- Felix-(Germany)

"This is a real jazz station, and I can tell the announcer is a New Yorker. I'm a former NYC resident (born and raised) in Greenwich Village where many classic jazz clubs once existed, the Village Vanguard is still there. I hope Jazz Con Class Radio remains on the air for many years to come!"

- Tony Candido-Oakland, California (USA)