Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes

The misconception of the term “Internet Radio” and the concept of time

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It is very interesting how the term “Internet Radio” is being irresponsibly thrown around lately. It seems that if you have a “Music Service” then you automatically have a full fledged “Internet Radio Station.” Well you do, don’t you? Not exactly but if you want to feel like you do, go ahead. A music service is a short term self-satisfying achievement that only benefits each individual subscriber’s particular taste. This is only superficial, since they don’t own the music at all and are only sharing it. A great concept, you would think, having access to hundreds of thousands of songs and playing it for yourself anywhere you like. You can make your own playlists and show them off to the other music service subscribers, in a community type of atmosphere. Its a great concept, if one has the time and if the other fellow subscribers are willing to appreciate your specialized playlist. It can be competitive and at their expense.

A “Time Machine”

Time, that’s the problem here, do you really have the time to be searching, adding, organizing and most importantly, listening to your playlists? It can become problematic because keeping up with the creation of playlists that will finally substitute for the ones you already heard already, is quite time consuming. Time is the big factor and is the main reason why most subscribers of music services drastically lose interest after a short time. They may have discovered great new music but they cannot buy it all and are forced to create playlists for themselves to make it more convenient? If you like many types of genres, then you are doomed. If one really thinks about it, time is the problem, either if you have a music service or not. Because one now has access to all these songs doesn’t mean one has more time to listen to it.

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If you want to discover songs that you are interested in, then a music service is good for you but you need to pay. I don’t have a problem with it at all but don’t call it “Internet Radio” because its not even close to it. Omitting the word “Station” is a fine trick and has fooled many. Speaking for myself and running a real “Internet Radio Station,” this is hard work! Its really considered to be an expensive hobby, if you think about it. We buy the music and stream it to a worldwide audience for free! We do the work, the listeners just click or tap an icon and there it is, streaming through their speakers and into their ears. Now if the listeners only would like to hear certain songs and in a certain sequence, then they should opt to a “music service” and play it their way. That’s more than fair by me but they will truly be missing the “enjoyment” of music itself. Most likely, they will end out cutting their songs short because of the intensity behind all their limited preparations. To listen to music, one needs to be in a certain state of mind, you are not suppose to cut off a song short and before it finishes, so you can hear the next one. Funny as it sounds, this is exactly what is happening. Do yourself a favor and just click or tap on that icon and enjoy the music correctly. Its up to the “Internet Radio Station” operator to make sure the quality of the music they stream is good and consistent. We provide this service to all for free so the listeners can relax and truly enjoy the music we offer them. ENJOY!


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After searching across the web for the best jazz station, I found Jazz Con Class Radio. Hands down, the best jazz music anywhere. Why you ask? The focus on the best jazz music ever recorded, combined with the depth of artists and tracks played. I have heard so many tracks that I have never heard before, it’s mind blowing what Jazz Con Class Radio plays that other stations don’t. Mr. Reyes, your station is a national artistic treasure!

- Steve - (USA)

This is exactly the kind of radio station I've ever wished for, since I learned to love jazz music. Please keep going like this for as long as possible !

- Felix-(Germany)

Hi José Reyes,
I have been listening to your radio broadcasting for some time and I can assure you without a doubt that your jazz program is the best on the entire network. I hope you could keep it for a long time without advertising and maintaining the quality that characterizes you. My girlfriend and I heard you from Basque Country in Spain with great pleasure for our ears and our senses. That's why we congratulate you and thank you!

- Rober- (Spain)

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