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I want to introduce the Jazz Festival Project as a proposal to all the Jazz Con Class Radio listeners. The main goal of this project is to successfully organize the VERY FIRST Jazz Festival on Jazz Con Class Radio. It will be a lengthy process that will depend solely on the participation of all the listeners and their collaboration with me. Most of the work will be done by me, so don’t worry! The goal is to have 20 to 35 individuals involved, in order to begin the process. There will be three stages needed to be completed before any announcement of the festival date could be announced. Here are the three stages ( In order, no stage will begin until the previous one is completed):

Stage One: 20 to 35 individuals who are willing to participate and go all the way!

Stage Two: Gather up a prepared introduction and/or a final conclusion of their presentation from each of the individuals involved. Gather up at least 10 songs of their choice (In the order they choose). Very important: The music must totally reflect what broadcasts on Jazz Con Class Radio.

Stage Three: Create a weekly schedule for the festival.

As all the readers here can see, this Jazz Festival will be by and for the participants and will benefit ALL the listeners! Preparing these playlists with the participants involved will not be so difficult as long as they are totally devoted to making the Festival a success. So if you would like to be part of it, PLEASE think it over well before you deciding to accept it, be 100% sure. No need to get concerned at all, I will take the pressure off everyone involved. If anyone here is interested or have any questions concerning the Jazz Con Class Festival project, place a comment here or go to the FEEDBACK link.


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