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Happy New Years to all the listeners and the best for you and your family!! Jazz Con Class Radio would NEVER exist if it weren’t for all your support. I’m Sure you all have noticed that many so called “popular JAZZ” radio stations have an overwhelming amount of listeners that tune in. I personally have no issue with the success of these radio stations, more power to them! Where I do have a serious problem with is their claim that it is actual “Jazz,” that’s totally wrong! But then again, its not their fault, they are just taking advantage of a genre that was created by the music industry and named “Smooth Jazz.” This is completely false but not surprising at all! This play with words is very aggravating for all classic/traditional Jazz fans and very hard to digest. The music industry, as we all know is “business” first and their main goal is to make a profit, no matter what it takes. This is the sole reason why they created this genre and nothing else! It is very irresponsible and disrespectful to include the word “Jazz” to this genre, they should just have named it “Smooth Music,” that’s it! What a major abandonment to Jazz lovers and even more, to all the hard working Jazz musicians that perform this true original “American” art form. I’m not going to dwell on this subject because we already know this! Nobody would spend their valuable time reading this post and/or tuning into the Jazz Con Class Radio broadcast unless they were very curious to learn more about Jazz and/or are avid fans of  Jazz already.

Description of “Smooth Jazz’ (WIKI): In general a smooth jazz track is downtempo (the most widely played tracks are in the 90–105 BPM range), layering a melody played on instruments such as soprano and tenor saxophone or guitar over a backdrop that typically consists of programmed rhythms and various synth pads or samples.

“Not Just “all that Jazz”

There is a reason, in case you were not aware, why I included a very important phrase on the logo, it reads, “Not Just All That Jazz.” Its a play on the phrase “and all that jazz” which is used as a substitute to “and all that stuff that goes with it.” Unfortunately there’s a problem with this and its the context of the phrase, when it is used/the circumstances and now, the reason “why.” Its not so offensive at all because most people who use it either don’t really know the meaning behind the phrase and why the word “Jazz” is involved with it, they are just mimicking. What really annoys me more is the misconception of Jazz music and its latest association with the word “boring.” The context of the phrase has been altered even further and now it actuality means “and that same old boring stuff.” This is very inconsiderate towards Jazz music, the musicians who create it/created it and of course, the listeners themselves. It’s actually classified now as “Elevator Music,” can you believe it and can you get any further from the truth?? They aren’t even listening to Jazz and they again, associate it with any music that is dull and boring. Well, now you know why I placed that phrase on the logo and why I mention that it on my station identification soundbite. The music I play here is known as “Classic/ Traditional” Jazz and sure isn’t “Elevator Music” that’s for sure! When you click on that arrow to listen, you enter another world and your mind follows you into that journey. Jazz is the best music ever created and is played by the best musicians that ever walked this planet!

A Special Thanks To

I want to thank all the listeners who took that extra step to help successfully extend the future of Jazz Con Class Radio by donating to the “Fight For Freedom Fundraiser” drive. We reached the goal and surpassed it! Although every single listener is important to the station, the ones who donated are special and they need extra attention. We should all be very grateful for their financial support, WOW!

New Improvements Ideas

1. I have updated to a much more stable platform, with an advanced interface. I now have more control of the schedule, the playlists and most importantly, more options when I am creating/building a real-time playlist (on-the-fly), selecting songs while the broadcast is live. I have the freedom of doing this whenever I like but never do when the “Super Tuesday Jazz Presentation,” the “Wednesday Five Hour Special” and the “Saturday Jazz Show” are broadcasting.

2. The music is broadcasting much clearer now and the listeners should not be interrupted from the live stream at any time. Of course, in a perfect world a live stream like this would never stop broadcasting but it could happen since our world is full of faults. The odds that an interruption will occur sure increase with an internet radio station like this one which runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The servers that holds my music and stream the broadcast out to the listeners are up to date and using the latest software so everything runs smooth. 

3. I purchased plenty music last year, as you probably have heard and will continue to purchase more because it is simply never ending! I run into great recording almost every day, so you will never get bored!

4. I will go full force in the coming months with The Jazz Festival Project and with the participation of the listeners. I had left it alone because of the holidays, read all the details on the link here and let’s see what happens. Don’t worry, I will be doing most of the work, all I need is full dedication from the ones involved. I’m asking for 35 participants so the festival could go 5 days but if there are less involved, the Jazz Festival would be shortened. I can’t imagine why anyone would not like their Jazz playlist heard on the internet and around the world!

Try playing this Charles Mingus classic tune in an elevator??

HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN and check back on this link for the next few days in case I add something else, thanks for your attention and ENJOY!


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